1. You can always avoid a user by right clicking on his/her nick and choose to ‘Ignore/Block’.

2. Even then if you ever feel uncomfortable and threatened by someone in a chat room leave the situation by logging out.

3. If you decide to respond to a private message do keep in mind that a private conversations can end up being more personal than you like. If you wish to end a private conversation with someone and they do not respect your request to end the conversation you can always choose to ‘Ignore’ that person by clicking on action on private chat window.

4. Avoid using your real name in chat. It’s advisable to use a pseudo/nickname as your username. Also avoid using provocative nickname or one that attract wrong attention.


5. Tell your parent or guardian if someone behaves in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can take help of local police if a dangerous situation arise and you are not able to share it with anyone.





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